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Combinations: When you look at logic circuit diagrams for digital equipment, you are not going to see just a single gate, but many combinations of gates.

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Learn about electronics - NEETS

Learn about electronics provides a platform of free online tutorials to help you learn about the basics of electronics and electricity.

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Vertical Deflection

Vertical Deflection: Learn about the controls in an oscilloscope for deflection control.

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Voltage by Magnetism

Voltage by Magnetism: how voltage is produced by magnetism.

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Waveguide input-output Methods

Waveguide input-output methods: probe coupling explained.

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Wire and cable

Wire and cable: solid and stranded wire and cable.

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Wire size factors

Wire size factors: everal factors must be considered in selecting the size of wire to be...

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Wire sizes

Wire sizes: The most common method for measuring wire size...

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Testing Transistors

Testing Transistors: base, collector, and common-emitter configurations.

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Termination in a resistance not equal to the characteristic impedance Z0

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Termination in Z0

Termination in Z0: in an open circuit, short circuit, capacitive circuit, and an inductive circuit.

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Terminating a Transmission Line

Terminating a transmission line and resonant and non-resonant lines.

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Teletypewriter: Learn about a form of radio frequency communication used for ship to shore messaging.

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Tapes and Cartridges

Tapes and Cartridges: Learn about the two types of magnetic tape carriers abd tape erasing and degaussing.

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Tachometer: Learn about the rate generator (tach) and other types of servo rate generators.

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Stable Display

Stable Display: If the input signal and horizontal sweep generator are unsynchronized, the pattern tends to jitter, making observations difficult.

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Ssb Applications

Ssb Applications: Learn about a mode of naval communication utilizing the single sideband transmitter.

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Spring Precession

Spring Precession: Learn about a method of restraining the precession of a gyro to permit the calculation of an angle.

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Sporadic-E: sudden ionospheric disturbances and ionospheric storms.

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Split Phase

Split phase, capacitor-phase, and resistance-phase induction ac motors

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Special UHF Tubes

Special UHF Tubes and limitations of transit time.

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Special Receivers

Special Receivers and the Moving Target Indicator (mti) System.

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Special Purpose Computers

Special Purpose Computers, as the name implies, is designed to perform a specific operation and usually satisfies the needs of a particular type of problem.

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Special Antennas

Special Antennas, beverage, V, long-wire, and rhombic antennas.

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Source Resistance

Source resistance in a dc circuit.

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Sound Waves

Sound Waves and the requirements for sound.

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Sound Wave Terms

Sound Wave Terms: characteristics, pitch, and intensity of sound.

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Sound Quality

Sound Quality and elasticity, density, and velocity of transmission.

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Solid State Devices

Solid State Devices: Learn about the beginnings of solid state and integrated circuits.

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Solenoids: A solenoid is a control device that uses electromagnetism to convert electrical energy into mechanical motion..

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Soldering Surface Mount Components

Soldering Surface Mount Components: learn the proper techniques when solder to a circuit board.

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Soldering Stations

Soldering Stations: Learn about the different types of irons and stations used in the industry today.

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Soldering Definition

Soldering Definition: Learn about soldering and how it is done.

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Snap Acting Switch

Snap Acting Switch: accurate snap-acting, and voltage and current ratings.

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Skip Distance

Skip Distance: skip-zone, propagation paths, and absorption in the ionosphere.

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Single Sideband

Single Sideband: Learn about how the single-sideband signal is received.

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Single Phase

Single Phase and split-phase induction motors.

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Single Mode Step Index Fibers

Single Mode Step Index Fibers: Learn about the two basic types of single mode step-index fibers: matched clad and depressed clad.

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Single Mode Graded Index Fibers

Single Mode Graded Index Fibers: There are several types of single mode graded-index fibers. These fibers are not standard fibers and are typically only used in specialty applications.

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Single Break

Single Break: learn about single and double-break switches and rotary switches.

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Sine Wave Oscillator

Sine Wave Oscillator and the LC and RC network.

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Sign Waves

Sign waves of voltage are applied to a resistance, the resulting current is also a sign-wave.

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Shunt Ohmmeter

Shunt Ohmmeter and ohmmeter safety precautions.

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Vacuum Tubes and Wavelength Formulas

Vacuum Tubes and Wavelength Formulas

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Shift-registers: also, serial and parallel transfers and conversions and scaling.

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Project-videos showing fun and practical electronic projects.

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Shells and Valence

Shells and valence: Learn about what makes up the body of an atom.

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Shaded Pole Induction AC Motors

Shaded pole and speed of single-phase induction ac motors

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