Splicing Wires

The basic requirement for any splicing wires or terminal connections is that they be both mechanically and electrically as strong as the conductor or device with which they are to be used for.

The first step in splicing wires or terminating electrical conductors is to remove the insulation. The preferred method for stripping wire is by use of a wire-stripping tool.

A simple connection known as the Western Union splice (shown in the illustration below is used to splice small, solid conductors together. After the splice is made, the ends of the wire are clamped down to prevent damage to the tape insulation.

western union splice

Western union splice.

Some other types of splices are...

Staggered Splice-The staggered splice is used on multiconductor cables to prevent the joint from being bulky.

Rattail Joint—A splice that is used in a junction box and for connecting branch circuits; wiring is placed inside conduits. (Shown in the next illustration)

graphic of a rat-tail joint splice

Rat-tail joint splice.

Fixture Joint—When conductors of different sizes are to be spliced, such as fixture wires to a branch circuit, the fixture joint is used.

Knotted Tap Joint—This type of splice is used to splice a conductor to a continuous wire. (Shown in the illustration below)It is not considered a "butted" splice as the ones previously discussed.

a graphic of the knotted tap splice

Knotted tap splice.

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