Typical Antenna System

The typical antenna is a conductor, or system of conductors, that radiates or intercepts electromagnetic wave energy.

An ideal antenna has a definite length and a uniform diameter, and is completely isolated in space. However, this ideal antenna is not realistic. Many factors make the design of a typical antenna for a communications system a more complex problem than you would expect.

These factors include the height of the radiator above the earth, the conductivity of the earth below it, and the shape and dimensions of the antenna. All of these factors affect the radiated-field pattern of the antenna in space.

Another problem in antenna design is that the radiation pattern of the antenna must be directed between certain angles in a horizontal or vertical plane, or both. Most practical trans-mitting antennas are divided into two basic classifications, HERTZ (half-wave) ANTENNAS and MARCONI (quarter-wave) ANTENNAS.

Hertz antennas are generally installed some distance above the ground and are positioned to radiate either vertically or horizontally. Marconi antennas operate with one end grounded and are mounted perpendicular to the Earth or to a surface acting as a ground.

Hertz antennas are generally used for frequencies above 2 megahertz. Marconi antennas are used for frequencies below 2 megahertz and may be used at higher frequencies in certain applications.

A complete antenna system consists of three parts: (1) The COUPLING DEVICE, (2) the FEEDER, and (3) the ANTENNA, as shown in the illustration below. The coupling device (coupling coil) connects the transmitter to the feeder. The feeder is a transmission line that carries energy to the antenna. The antenna radiates this energy into space.

A typical-antenna system.

The factors that determine the type, size, and shape of the antenna are (1) the frequency of operation of the transmitter, (2) the amount of power to be radiated, and (3) the general direction of the receiving set. Some typical-antennas are shown in the last illustration below.

Some typical-antennas.

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